Dad News

  • 20 Last Minute Father's Day Gifts For The Alpha Dad

    Let me guess, you either waited until the last minute or your Dad is hard to shop for when it comes to awesome Father's Day gifts.
  • Weaponizing Dad Farts

    Have you ever ripped a dad fart so bad that it even makes you gag? Well, research now shows that those amazing dad bombs are so toxic that even the military is looking into ways to weaponize it.
  • Super Dad Bods

    Did you know that Dad Bods have super powers? It's true and there has been extensive research to back these claims. Check out this article to see how eating that extra Twinkie just might help you save the world one day!
  • Man-Boobs

    Being a sexy man in a sexy dad bod is hard enough... but when one of your chesticles begins leaking some weird substance, all your manhood goes out the window.