Day with Dad

Our first Day with Dad was a huge success! Thanks to Dave & Buster's, we were able to hook a dad up for a fun day with his kids! Check out our winning dad and his 4 awesome kids...

They started off with a huge awesome gift basket from Dave & Buster's that had tons of great swag and prizes to help remember the event! Then they were broken up into teams of Kids vs Dad to battle it out for their house supremacy.

After the kids dominated dad in all the events, the family got to enjoy dinner together and unlimited game tokens to play for the rest of the night!

It was so awesome to just see the dad cut loose with his kids and have a good time! Dad's work hard for their families and sometimes get caught up in the rat race or daily stresses that can pull them away.

We believe it's important for dads to take time to just have fun with their kids. It's a great stress reliever, awesome bonding moment and creates unforgettable memories.

Thank you Dave & Buster's for helping us create a fun day with this dad and his kids!